With decades of experience of their owners New Business International Trading has been developing great partnerships and business worldwide. 

We act as direct sellers of various products from Europe and Asia, also we represent the strongest suppliers in the world of commodities, who are prepared to deliver product to qualified buyers on time and as promised. Our activities are founded on the principle to serve buyers worldwide who seek products coming from Europe, in the shortest possible time at the most competitive prices available in the market. ‚Äč

This is possible to accomplish only by matching bona-fide "end buyers" with proven financial capability directly with legitimate title holders "Sellers" that are capable of providing commodity in all steps of the negotiation. We work tirelessly to assure both sides of a transaction meet their common objective of a secure and on-time commodity transaction.

We offer on the market products targeted to the demand of each customer with a focus on excellence, which seeks to ensure optimal results, since the origin of goods to their final destination. 
Success of the company is driven by its employees and their commitment to get positive results the right way by operating responsibly, reliably, effectively, by communicating honestly and promptly. 
Our practice is built on: 
Integrity   |   Support   |   Partnership   |   Trust   |   Discipline   |   Strength   |   Honesty   |   Reliability   |   Professionalism 
Our Mission is: 
- Generat business growth, personally and professionally, adding values and preserving.
- Selling products and services with excellence and focus on customer needs. 
Strict adherence to Integrity in all that we do, and commitment to this set of principles has helped us establish successful and long-lasting business relationships with our Sellers and Buyers worldwide. We are with our clients before, during, and after closing of a successful transaction.